Park Hill South High School - Casual Dance

Park Hill South – Casual Dance

March 30, 2015

PPKC worked with Park Hill South High School to create their 2nd annual “Casual Dance”. This years theme was “Glow Big or Go Home”. We provided a full lighting, sound, and video rig to the high school and two seniors from the school performed EDM style music for three hours in front of their peers. This show was a joy to be a part of as it was the first time the high school had done an EDM genre based dance with a full production rig behind them. Not only did we provide UV black lights, but we also brought in lasers, haze, and video graphics to make this dance extra special.

Our event crew for this show was:

  • Jack Spooner – Production Manager
  • Conner Blinzler – Assistant Production Manager
  • Michael Silvio – Lighting
  • Travis Fennel – Video/Lighting
  • Ian Powers – Audio
  • Brittany Coffey – Videographer

Check out the recap video that we produced below:



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Park Hill South High School
Riverside, Missouri
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